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  1. What is Wealthy Affiliate for?
  2. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what?
  3. How does it work and what I am getting out of it?
  4. What they are saying about Wealthy Affiliate?


1. What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy-Affiliate-Review-the-join-clubIn short, It is one of the best online program that will teach you how to build a professional and successful online business from scratch. With No experience necessary, No technical knowledge necessary. This program is primarily focused on affiliate marketing based online businesses. If you are reading this, It is most likely because you already know a bit about affiliate marketing but, if you do not (no stress), follow this link to know the basics about it HERE.

Why am I saying it is the best affiliate program? Simply because I have personally paid from my pocket to take the course and I am not regretting any penny invested. I actually wish I had found this program 10 years ago, so I would not have spent my precious time and money on some disgraceful and unethical courses I have enrolled in!


2. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what?

It is not a secret for anyone now. Affiliate marketing is dragging a bad reputation in the online world and is often seen as nothing more than a scam. As a matter of fact, everything that as online business, or work from home business written somewhere, gets people very skeptical and most of the time, makes them run away. But, why is it so and … who are those people saying it’s just a scam? I am not going to lie, there are lots of scams out there related to online business and that is primarily why this practice has a bad reputation. As they say ”One bad apple can really spoils the barrel”. I can tell there are scammers because I have been swindled for nothing in return. Which brings me to tell you to check one of my post on the programs you should avoid at all costs.


Kyle-Carson-Wealthy-Affiliate-the-join-clubLet’s get back to the detractors shall we! The people who are saying that It’s all a scam, that It is too good to be true or that it’s impossible, etc… are sadly, the ones who, either have been scammed or just didn’t find a good training and lost their precious time and money. Sometimes worst! Most people saying this haven’t even tried it! So how can they know? At one point in history most people believed the world was flat and they persecuted those who were convinced otherwise. Pythagoras was the first to come to the conclusion of a round earth, even the ancient Greeks figured it out a long time ago. Seems like it doesn’t stop some people to contradict this affirmation still to this day! The truth is, people are making it happen in the online business and you should listen to those one. Not the other way around.

Now is the time to introduce you to who created the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Kyle and Carson are the co-founder of this effective and insightful program and they are not hiding behind questionable theories. They are proud of their work and are backing it up with great substantial content and unprecedented support. To my opinion, they have created a great valuable training that can HELP others to succeed in affiliate marketing. They have been in the field for over 15 years and helped millions to start their own online business. You will learn on the platform that this business is all about helping. Further more, why would they show their face and let everyone connect to their social network if they were scamming people?



3. How does it work and what I am getting out of it?

woman working in tropics on beach. Working remotely on the laptop computer through the internet. Working while travelling. Summer vacation in Seychelles.

Wealthy Affiliate works as a powerful benchmark for you to start your online dream business and work from home … or from anywhere you wish. Become a “DIGITAL NOMAD”.

Here is a summary comparison of all features you’ll be getting by subscribing to the program. (you can find more information by visiting Wealthy Affiliate official website here)



Insightful information about the program.

When you first register for FREE, you get access to the basic 10 course training (of the Online Entrepreneur Certification) and 50 training modules. You can start building your website and business right away. By the way, you get a free website too! You can later transfer and use this website as your main business in the premium program. No work is lost in the process and you are secured every step of the way. You will never feel alone and stuck in this program. The customer support is flawless and the amazing community is your ”second” support!

If you would like to know more about the program, take a free tour here. I do not feel like I have to write everything about the program in this post because Kyle and Carson made the heavy lifting for me and they have already explained everything in details on their website. You have access to all the information on the home page. Have a look for yourself so you can make your own opinion about it.


4. What they are saying about Wealthy Affiliate!

Here are a few testimonials of amazing members that I had the chance to meet on the platform. The community is extremely active on the forums and you will never meet any roadblocks to your progress. You just have to ask and your questions will be answered quickly!




“Choosing to get started in affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I didn’t know much about affiliate marketing prior to joining here, but since I’ve been here, I’ve been earning affiliate sales”

Visit Tiffany’s flourishing online business here : howtoentrepreneur.com



thejoinclub_EddySalomon_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“I took the SEO skills I learned in Wealthy Affiliate and used them for consulting opportunities and I work as a director of SEO strategy for a Fortune 100 company. You can do anything if you have the right mindset, take action and don’t give up “

Visit Eddy Salomom’s flourishing online business here : workathomenoscams.com


thejoinclub_Jukkah_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“I was dabbling with affiliate marketing for years but I lacked focus and direction. Wealthy Affiliate showed me a clear path to follow and I’ve since built two websites that earn me income on automation following their training!”

Visit Jukkah’s flourishing online business here : ihateworking.net



thejoinclub_Srinivasan_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“I have joined Wealthy Affiliate recently after testing many platforms and this is my final destination. I am enjoying building my business here as all the training and support needed is available. My focus is to help others, who are searching for the right place to learn affiliate marketing, to discover Wealthy Affiliate”

Visit Srinivasan’s flourishing online business here : creatingonlineassets.com



thejoinclub_Stephen_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months now. I have tried quite a few others. I have spent money and lost money. All promised almost instantaneous wealth to get you in only to tell you its a long journey. WA have been fabulous. It’s not expensive to start. You are started the right way so that you understand your journey and training does not cost. There is a huge number of fellow affiliates that keep you company and share their secrets. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates.”


thejoinclub_Youness_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing environment to learn and apply our skills towards creating an online business. I tried to do this alone before and was completely lost. Wealthy Affiliate helped me to turn my passion into Income. If you keep following the training and exercises every day, you’ll be a happy camper inside Wealthy Affiliate”

Visit Youness flourishing online business here : howtobemyownboss.com


thejoinclub_Anis_Profile_WealthyAffiliate“Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned many skills that allow me to earn a full-time income online and I’m so grateful for it especially now while all my friends lost their jobs because of COVID-19 I’m still getting paid every month while respecting the quarantine! I highly recommend WA!”

Visit Anis flourishing online business here : fulltimehomebusiness.com



If you couldn’t take my words for it, nor their words for it, try It for FREE and witness the power of Wealthy Affiliate for yourself!




I will be welcoming you on the platform. You will receive a message from me and a special welcome BONUS in the form of FREE videos to propel your progress towards success. My user name is ”Orfreedom”. See you there and let your journey on the path of financial freedom begin!



Olivier | Founder

and writer at thejoinclub.com

8 thoughts on “WEALTHY AFFILIATE

  1. Wealthy Affiliate seems like the Cadillac of network affiliates. It seems that Kyle and Carson have thoroughly thought this through when they developed this program. This sounds like this program was made for me. I will sign up with Wealthy Affiliates as I believe that this program has made thousands successful. Thank you for sharing this valuable article.

    1. Thank you Courtney. I am glad you found this article very valuable. You won’t regret joining Wealthy Affiliate. Meet you there and congratulation for giving your trust to the right program.

  2. Thank you for your review on Wealthy Affiliate, Olivier. I have to say, you have a great article written out. I enjoyed my every moment on your article. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months now, and I am enjoying it very much and have not regretted anything. Now that the world is under such a crisis, Im grateful that I have Wealthy Affiliate to work on. While all my friends are worried that they might fall out from work, I’m blessed that I can still work from home without the worries of being laid off or my salary being cut off. That is because my success comes from my own hard work, it depends on how much i put in to my blog / articles. This is the best investment that I have done. If i put myself in a new user’s perspective, your article will give me a lot of reassurance in WA as you have included a lot of important pointers such as addressing whether is WA a scam and also by including other user’s reviews. I will also definitely be bookmarking your website to show the others about WA. A very great job done, this is one of the best review article I have ever read, it clearly shows that you have great confidence in WA which makes your article very personal and positive. I’m glad that you share the same view in WA as me. Keep it up, Olivier! 

    1. Thank you very much Jyongwa for this great valuable comment. Between Wealthy Affiliate members, we know the program works and we are not afraid to vouch for it. Very appreciated that you took some of your precious time to validate my article! Keep on rocking with WA!

  3. Well that’s bizarre! Here I am a wealthy affiliate member already, and  looking for the best way to provide third party testimonial and you have it taped beautifully in this post! It is interesting that anything that ‘appears’ to be making money via an online outlet gets attacked viciously online, usually by those who have no idea or no experience in what they are talking about.  The good news is that we know different. Your readers would be well advised to listen to your advice Olivier because this kind of business is the future. Great post thanks


    1. Thank you Hamish for this great comment and for stumbling upon my site as a Wealthy Affiliate member already. I am happy you took time to spread the good news and to serve as a third party testimonial for the new readers. Very appreciated!

  4. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate since October 2016 and it has been a great experience.

    There’s a reason why I still have an account to this day!

    Great post. Definitely would love to hear more about your experience and your results so far.

    Testimonials would be great as well.

    I wish you much success with Wealthy Affiliate!


    1. Thank you for your comment Lorenz. Very appreciated and I am wishing you great success for years to come!

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